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Joffrey Pinel Geoffrey Geoffroy Jeffrey

Seen from the outside, Joffrey Pinel musical career could look like of several great singers of our generation.  His voice carries us with great tenderness and emotional feelings.


Joffrey Pinel has accomplished and met several challenges ;  a great exemple is interpreting Jacques Brel in “Aznavour, Brel, Dalida” a show presented all over Quebec.  He also camp the role of Antony in the musical comedy show of Holiday season “Avalanche” presented for 10 years at the Théâtre du Vieux Terrebonne.


Hard worker, Joffrey signs and produced his very first solo show “Paris Vagabonde” in 2008; a retrospective of the best French songs, presented in several theaters and auditoriums.  A show that carries us in a beautiful blue white and red universe.


Joffrey’s voice delighted multiple audiences even at the other end of the world.  Thanks to Marie-Claude Dubeau of MCD Productions, that in 2005 gave him the opportunity of seducing the Japaneses with “Jingle Bells” musical revue, for more than two months, almost every day.


Good fortune he had to be part of many other musical revues such as “L’Air du Rock’n Roll” 2004 to 2006, “Le Monde Fou du Rock’n Roll”, “Time Machine”, “Silver Bells”, “Maximum 80’s”, and the unforguettable “Urbania” musical revue, presented the hole summer of 2007 at Théâtre des femmes Collins.  “Charme et Champagne” “Grease” and “Québec, je me souviens” are also part of his wonderful experiences.  On top of all this, he recently made the first part of Glen Miller Band Orchestra.


Semi-finalist of the contest “Les découvertes de la chanson de Magog” in 2006, Joffrey has the chance of singing with Garou and Marilou. We also heard him on “Snob” BB’s Album as a backing vocalist.  He was also asked to lend his voice for a special TV Recording with the great Ginette Reno.


Joffrey is currently working on a personal project we will discover in 2019 

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